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Routines: Clown Party

Silly Sally barges in with her umbrella and gets stuck in the door because the umbrella is too big. Eventually with the help of the kids she gets through the door. She does very silly things like mixing up the boys names with the girls and vice versa and getting the birthday boy or girl's age mixed up etc....

Then all the kids follow Silly Sally into the living room or outside, if the weather is nice. Silly Sally does magic tricks for the kids, which involve the kids in a lot of shouting, whispering, turning around really fast and of course laughing. The birthday boy or girl can help out with one of the tricks by chasing Silly Sally around with a magic wand. During the tricks Silly Sally gets stuck to things, she has an uncontrollable bout of sneezing on the kids, a magic bag goes out of control, kids are accused of eating Sally's colours and Sally's very bold invisible friends put in an appearance.

At the end of the magic tricks, Sally takes a photo of the kids, which leaves them all a bit wet!

Next comes the games and balloons section. Silly Sally tells the kids the rules of the game "My Granny's False Teeth" and even shows what her granny's false teeth look like in her mouth! The winner gets a dog, cat, sword, flower, flower hat etc made out of balloons. The kids also play "Musical Bumps" and get prises of balloons for the silliest dancing. Everyone gets to be a winner of a balloon-modelling balloon.

Next Silly Sally paints all the faces. Some of the most popular faces are princesses, butterflies, dogs, cats, tigers, Spiderman, Batman, pirates, the Hulk and power rangers. While the face-painting is going on Sally gets the kids into a circle to play "pass the parcel" also.

Silly Sally then blows bubbles and sings some of her favourite songs accompanied by the ukulele eg. happy birthday and a very sad song about a yellow bird who is all alone, which involves joining in a crying chorus.

Silly Sally suddenly remembers that she has to go because she has to feed the elephants in the circus and after saying goodbye to all the kids and making sure her invisible friends are still in the car she heads back to the circus.
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