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Routines: Princess Party

The Princess Party includes:
  • Enchanting princess story with Magic tricks
  • Games & balloons
  • Mini karaoke & disco
  • Princess glitter hair spray & make up
  • Bubbles, singing and "pass the parcel"
Princess Sally arrives from Fairytale land to a land where all children are princesses and princes. She gathers them all together to tell them an exciting story of how a little girl, who's name is coincidentally the same as the birthday girl's, becomes a princess.

Along the way the little girl meets a clown, who does magic tricks, and a prince and ends up richer than her wildest dreams. The kids help Princess Sally by shouting, whispering, turning around, standing up and sitting down. The birthday boy or girl can help out with one of the tricks by chasing Princess Sally around with a magic wand.

Next, Princess Sally leads all the girls in a mini disco and limbo dancing. They play games such as "Granny's Footsteps", musical bumps and sing some karaoke. As prises for the games, everybody gets a dog, cat, sword, flower, flower hat made out of balloons.

Now it's time to get the princess makeover. All the girls get glitter hair spray and make up and are transformed into princesses. Boys can have their faces painted. During the makeover, Sally gets the kids into a circle to play "pass the parcel".

After this it's time for bubbles and singing Happy Birthday and then princess Sally has to leave or else she'll turn into a pumpkin and never get back to fairytale land.
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